This is the best option for players that prefer an individual or small group approach. Each of our exceptional coaches has been trained to work with you individually or on a 1-to-2/3/4 player basis. This intensive format is by far the most successful method of quickly developing a strong game along with planning fitness, nutrition and competitive programs.


These classes are currently being re-vamped so please SUBSCRIBE to our website to automatically receive updates as they become available. Thank you.



These classes are currently being re-vamped so please SUBSCRIBE to our website to automatically receive updates as they become available. Thank you.

​This is without doubt the most effective way to get a real handle on your tennis!


Whether you're a novice swinging a racket for the first time, a regular player keen to tidy up your technique or a seasoned competitor looking to tweak  your matchplay skills, a PERSONALISED COACHING session with one of our coaches will get the job done.

Personalised Coaching is available in one hour (£25) or two hour (£50) blocks and can be booked as regularly as you wish. Our coaching team will strive to develop and implement a program that specifically meets your goals and that will allow you to maximise your progression irrespective of the intervals at which your sessions take place. Your first session will generally include:

1) A preliminary goal-setting discussion.

2) An initial assessment of your current playing level, technique and co-ordinative skills.

3) The development of an individually tailored program (even if only for that single session).

4) Video analysis and feedback where appropriate and access to view the videos of your session at your own leisure.

Please click on the button below for more information on each of our coaches and to move forward with booking your first session.


Group or Personalised coaching sessions are both good choices for learning and improving your techniques but what about when you've already learned something new and want to practice it and get it ready for use it in the competitive arena?


Well, that is precisely where PERSONALISED PRACTICE sessions come in. There are 3 main areas where this type of session can be fantastically beneficial for you:


Simply inform your 'Practice Partner' of the particular stroke(s) you want to work on and he/she will set up drills and exercises that match your current playing level and will allow you to put in some serious time and work in a very controlled, disciplined and structured manner.


If you or your personal coach has identified specific situational elements of your game that need strengthening or you have a match against a familiar opponent coming up and you want to get in some constructive play-style specific practice our 'Practice Partners' have the ability, discipline and knowledge to set up and stick to any patterns of play you might select.


Need someone to practice competitive points against? Maybe you need to figure out a way to combat specific play-styles?

All of our 'Practice Partners' are able to play in a variety of styles. So, be it a 'Baseline defender' or a 'Net-rushing volleyer' ... we've got you covered. Not only that, but we recognise the kind of sharpness needed to help you in this scenario so we insist that all of our 'Practice Partners' are actively competing.

PERSONALISED PRACTICE sessions are available in one hour sessions (£15) and can be booked as regularly as you wish. The 'Practice Partner' you select will meet you on-court with tennis balls, target equipment and plenty of energy ready to practice with you in whatever format you require!


Our simple yet fully comprehensive program:

Enrolment begins with an invitation to attend one of our sessions for an initial assessment by the C.i.C (Coach in Charge). He/She will assess your current level of co-ordination, athleticism and technique and decide the most appropriate level for you to start at. An official invitation to the relevent session will then be e-mailed to you so that you may reserve your place.


Please keep in mind that our program has been developed to promote and encourage participants to strive for long-term development and a continual progression through the 3 tiers and six levels that make up the program. Learning to play tennis is a marathon not a 100m dash! It takes a significant amount of time and effort but the rewards are worth it!


In every class and at every level our students will benefit from the opportunity to learn, work on and apply the 3 fundamental skills of tennis!


As you work your way through the 3 levels in the Bronze Tier we will demonstrate, explain and Instruct you in the correct techniques for all the major strokes. The Serve, the Forehand and Backhand groundstrokes, the Forehand and Backhand volley, Drop-shots and the Overhead Smash.



These 2 levels are where the really interesting stuff begins. Our coaches will organise, supervise and work alongside you to ensure the techniques learned during the Bronze Tier develop into consistently repeatable strokes with increasing levels of spin, control, accuracy and power.



If you've made it to this tier you're already a pretty decent tennis player but you could be better ... and thats exactly what our coaches will help you achieve. This level introduces, explains and applies specific tactical strategies and points based practice enabling you to link all that you've learned through the Bronze and Silver Tiers to strong situational recognition, tactical awareness and purposeful reaction. You're definitely not a beginner anymore!!!!!

Players attending these classes are also welcome and encouraged to participate in the MATCHPLAY CLUBS. Please note that the two programs are not mutually exclusive.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about our program and that we will be hearing from you very soon to book your initial assessment! If you are interested in enrolment or have any further questions please click HERE to return to the contact page and our web-form.


Our Adult program is currently in development ... more information to follow so please SUBSCRIBE to our website to automatically receive updates as they become available. Thank you.