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Using our decades of experience of playing on different surfaces and in varying conditions we have carefully hand picked an exclusive range of tennis balls that, in our opinion, offer the best combination of durability, playability and value.


We have listed them below in our order of our preference and have scored them according to their characteristics on a rising scale from 1-5 (low-high) using the following categories:

  • WEIGHT - How heavy the ball feels on your strings when hitting a well centred stroke.

  • SPEED - How quickly the ball travels through the air and away from the bounce.

  • BOUNCE - A combination of how lively and predictable the bounce is both off the strings and the ground.

  • GRIP - How easy it is to apply spin to the ball and how well it translates into ball movement through the air and off the court.

  • WEAVE - The quality and tightness of the felt and how well the ball resists "fluffing up" with repeated use.

  • LIFE - How long the ball will remain within its Optimum Performance Window (OPW) when used in normal weather conditions.



 Weight = 4.5 

 Speed = 4.5 

 Bounce = 4.5 

 Grip = 3.5 

 Weave = 4.5 

 Lifespan = 4.5 



Probably the most rewarding tennis ball to play with but definitely NOT easy!


A heavy ball that is fast and highly reactive once properly warmed up. The very energetic bounce will benefit players with excellent feel and a love of hitting hard and fast as long as they use plenty of spin for control.

Don't try drop shots with this one though... it'll sit up and beg to be spanked!


The tight weave and thicker internal rubber that give this ball its weight give it a satisfying and weighty thump in the strings as well as a very long life. It takes a bit of work to get this one into its OPW since it doesn't really "Fluff up" or lose pressure, but once there, it'll stay in it for upwards of 10 hours/4 or more matches.

We recommend this ball for highly skilled players!


Incredible value!          Recommended for HARD or CLAY courts!



A really fine all-round tennis ball... We genuinely love this one!


It's heavy enough to push firmly into the string bed, fill it and then sit there for a satisfyingly long time.

The medium fast pace through the air and high responsiveness to spin makes it great for fast, aggressive and accurate play. The bounce is energetic but predictable and really rewards players that use spin to make the ball move around during its air time and off the ground.


There is an initial "Fluff up" that indicates the ball coming into its OPW and movement through the air will slow temporarily but this doesn't usually last more than a couple of games. The OPW usually lasts for around 6 - 8 hours/2 - 3 matches.

Ideal for all players especially those that can SPIN a ball!

Excellent value!          Recommended for HARD courts!

 Weight = 4

 Speed = 4

 Bounce = 3.5 

 Grip = 4

 Weave = 4

 Lifespan = 4 


 Weight = 4

 Speed = 3.5

 Bounce = 3.5 

 Grip = 4.5

 Weave = 3.5

 Lifespan = 3


The BEST ball on the market and our favourite MATCH ball!


Perfectly weighted to feel solid but not heavy. This ball hits and sticks to your strings like velcro™ ... it's gorgeous and immensely rewarding.

Its medium speed through the air and off the ground is equally beneficial to both fast aggressive players and those that enjoy extended tactical stroke exchanges.

The bounce is reactive without being aggressive and very predictable which combines well with excellent grip and a high responsiveness to spin. Great controllability.

The ball "Fluffs up" quickly and while this initially slows down movement through the air the effect disappears after another game or two as it enters its OPW. Once in the window the controllability and playability is unparalleled.

The only real downside to this ball is its life span... optimum performance doesn't last more than a few sets and will be gone within 4 - 6 hours/2 - 3 matches.

FANTASTIC for all players especially those with strong technique!

AMAZING quality but at a price!          Recommended for ALL court surfaces!


1 x Tube (4 balls) = £14.00          3 x Tubes (12 balls) = £30.00

(including delivery)                           (including delivery)



The HEAD TOUR ball


A really good ball for prolonged baseline exchanges!


A ball that squashes out on impact with the string bed rather than pushing into it! This combined with being at the upper size limit of ITF regulations makes it feel heavier in the strings than most. A further side effect is the slowing of the balls expansion away from the strings making it far easier to control.

The speed through the air and off the ground is slow-medium with an energetic and high bounce! A thick weave offers decent grip and access to spin but does allow a large amount of "Fluff up" and cause a noticeably "cushioned" feel.  All these factors encourage and reward slower deliberate play and point construction more than blasting winners.

This ball comes out of the tin already in its OPW and holds its pressure well... but it will "Fluff up" and remain "Fluffed" for pretty much the rest of its 7 - 9 hours/3 or more matches of life span.

Ideal for players that are learning/grooving their strokes and like to grind it out!

Decent value and easy to use!          Recommended for ALL court surfaces!


1 x Tube (4 balls) = £14.00          3 x Tubes (12 balls) = £30.00

(including delivery)                           (including delivery)

 Weight = 4.5

 Speed = 3

 Bounce = 3

 Grip = 3

 Weave = 3

 Lifespan = 3.5



 Weight = 4.5

 Speed = 3

 Bounce = 2.5

 Grip = 4

 Weave = 2.5

 Lifespan = 2.5


A great ball for slicing, volleys and drop-shots!

This ball is definitively heavy in the strings! The internal rubber feels a little deader than other tennis balls meaning it sits on your strings rather than rebound away from them.

The balls medium speed combines with a low-medium bounce to reward flatter strokes more than lifted ones and to promote shorter more direct points. This is not a ball for heavy top spin or patient point point construction. A thick and rather loose weave provides good grip and control but does allow a lot of "Fluff up" which in turn causes the ball to react strongly to spin while in the air but barely at all off the bounce.

Due to the dead feel and severe "Fluff up" this ball has a significantly shorter OPW than most and will struggle to remain in the window for much more than 3 hours/1-2 matches.

The best ball for players that don't like points to last more than 4 shots!

Decent value!          Recommended for SOFT surfaces like carpet or grass!


1 x Tube (4 balls) = £14.00          3 x Tubes (12 balls) = £30.00

(including delivery)                           (including delivery)

For training, practice and general play we suggest ...



1 x Tube (4 balls) = £9.50 (including delivery)

3 x Tube (12 balls) = £22.00 (including delivery)

Newly designed for 2020 this medium heavy ball plays a little slower than other specialist clay court balls. The tight weave resists "Fluffing up" well and the heavier duty internal rubber offers good durability. The downside of these attributes is a less reactive bounce and reduced grip levels. Despite this, there is a nice solid feel in the strings and it will react as it should to whatever spin you apply.

 Weight: 3.5          Speed: 3.5          Bounce: 3          Grip: 3.5          Weave: 4          Life: 4.5 


We suggest buying the cheapest ball you can find as this surface deadens ALL spins and bounces so individual ball characteristics are irrelevant.